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We stock commonly replaced Parts & Printheads for all the popular barcode printer models from TEC, Zebra, Sato & Datamax

Pars Labels
Adbarcode can print out the required barcode labels for cargo transport to and from the USA & Canada
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  Cargo Control Document
  A group of bars and spaces that represent a letter, number, or other information. A bar code character is one part of a full bar code.
Check Character
  A character in a bar code used to mathematically verify the accuracy of the decoded data.
Code 39 -- (3 Of 9 Code)
  A discrete, variable length, bar code symbology encoding the characters 0 to 9, A to Z, and the additional characters - (dash), . (period), Space, $ (dollar sign), / (slash), + (plus sign), and % (per cent sign), as well as a special symbology character to denote the start and stop character, conventionally represented as an * (asterisk). Each Code 39 symbol consists of a leading quiet zone, a start symbol pattern, symbol characters representing data, a stop pattern, and a trailing quiet zone. Each Code 39 character has three wide elements out of a total of nine elements. Each symbol consists of a series of symbol characters, each represented by five bars and four intervening spaces. Characters are separated by an intercharacter gap. Each element (bar or space) is one of two widths. The values of the X dimension and N remain constant throughout the symbol. The particular pattern of wide and narrow elements determines the character being encoded. The intercharacter gaps are spaces with a minimum nominal width of 1X.
Code 49
  This symbol is a stack of from 2 to 8 rows. Each row encodes row count information plus data characters.
Code 93
  A full alphanumeric bar code capable of encoding all 128 ASCII characters. See ANSI/AIM X5-5 USS93 for specifications.
  Process of linking two or more bar codes into one long bar code.