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We stock commonly replaced Parts & Printheads for all the popular barcode printer models from TEC, Zebra, Sato & Datamax

Pars Labels
Adbarcode can print out the required barcode labels for cargo transport to and from the USA & Canada
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Ink Spread
  The result when a printing plate pushes too hard on the printing surface, causing the printed bars to be thicker than they are on the plate. Printing plates must be designed to anticipate ink spread. Ink spread may also occur in printing processes that do not use printing plates when ink contacts a porous substrate.
Interleaved Bar Code
  A bar code in which bars represent some characters and spaces represent other characters. For example, under Interleaved 2 of 5, characters in odd positions are represented by bars, and characters in even positions are represented by spaces. International Article Number Association-The organization that governs the EAN (formerly European Article Number) code structure and symbology.
Item Number
  A number within the bar code identifying the particular item or unit.