CCD – Custom Cargo Control Document Information

Carrier Code

Carriers that do not have their own carrier code should apply for one immediately (Form E369 for non-bonded carriers and Form E370 for bonded carriers). The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will issue each carrier a personal four-digit carrier code (a dash in the code is considered a digit). This carrier code, when combined with a unique shipment number (chosen by the carrier) and then presented in bar-code format, will help the CBSA identify both the carrier and the shipment when release documents are presented at the border.

This form is free and can be ordered from the CBSA by calling 1-800-959-2221.

Application to Transact Non-bonded Carrier Operations at Point of Arrival in Canada
Application to Transact Bonded Carrier and Forwarding Operations

A carrier code is a four-digit unique identifier that is assigned by the CBSA to a carrier. If you cross the Canadian border with commercial goods more than five times a year, you must have a carrier code.

The carrier code is combined with a unique shipment number (chosen by the carrier) to create a cargo control number.

The cargo control number is critical because it identifies both the carrier and shipment to the CBSA at the time of reporting and when release documents are presented.

The cargo control number is used in bar-code format. Highway carriers have 30 days after receiving their carrier code to obtain bar-coded labels. After 30 days, an administrative penalty of $1,000 will be imposed on carriers if bar-coded labels are not presented with their shipments upon arrival at the Canadian border.

Mail or fax applications or updates to your existing information to the following contact:

Carrier and Cargo Programs Unit
Canada Border Services Agency
150 Isabella Street, 4th Floor
Ottawa ON K1A 0L8

Fax: 613-957-9717

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