PARS – Pre-Approved Review System

Transporting goods into Canada

PARS (into Canada) and PAPS (into US) have been created to allow the quick release of goods entering and leaving Canada and the US. Both programs utilize the use of a Barcode system to expedite the release of cargo while ensuring the integrity of the shipment.

All information regarding the shipment is sent ahead to customs, along with the Barcode information. Once arriving at customs, the driver gives the Customs Officer all paperwork, which includes the PARS/PAPS labels. When the Customs Officer scans the Barcode, all pertinent information has already been entered into the system which allows the cargo to be brought across either border without delay.

How To Get PARS Barcode Labels

  1. The transport company needs a carrier code from CBSA, more information at CCD
  2. Once the carrier code is obtained you need to have PARS labels printed.
  3. The cargo control number is created by attaching the carrier code and a unique shipment number (created by the carrier and not duplicated within a 3 year period)
  4. PARS Labels consist of the cargo control number, company name, the word PARS and a barcode with this information encoded into it.
  5. PARS Labels need to be printed in sets of two so that one label can be attached to the documents that are forwarded to the CBSA and another for the driver of the goods.

Requirements for the Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS):

  • The invoice/bill of lading must be sent to the broker at least two hours before the goods arrive in Canada.
  • The PARS process must be used at an automated port .

Unlike the multi-page cargo control document, the PARS process only requires one label per shipment. To identify a PARS shipment to the CBSA, the word “PARS” must appear on the label. It may be printed either above the bar code or under the human-readable number below the bar code. If the word “PARS” is part of the cargo control number (i.e. between the carrier code and shipment number), the word must also be included in the actual bar code. The carrier’s name or company logo may also be printed on the label.

Detailed information from Canadian Border Service Agency for Bonded and Non-Bonded Carrier Code Requirements, Exporters OR Importers

Adbarcode Inc. is authorized with the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) to print border crossing barcode labels (PARS Labels). We are listed here on CBSA website

For assignment of carrier code number please call 1 – 800 – 461 – 9999